Compassionate Care Program

About The Program

Thank you for your interest in the Compassionate Care Program. At times, patients may experience difficulty obtaining their medicine due to limited funds because of a serious illness or injury.

This Program is designed to be a 6-month subsidy to assist those patients in need of obtaining their medicine. Once a patient applies and is approved for the program, they may choose to receive either 8 grams of pre-selected flower or a flat 20% discount.

The Details...

To be considered for the Program, a patient must first complete a short application and provide both financial and medical proof of need, documenting limited income due to a serious illness or injury. Our Compassionate Care Committee then reviews the application and a determination is made.

Approved patients may choose between 8 grams of pre-selected flowers each month or a flat 20% discount. If the patient chooses the 20% discount option, the discount will be exclusive. They will not qualify for any other specials, perks, or discounts offered, including Senior or Veteran discounts.
*Please note there may be a wait list for flower

In order to assist as many patients as possible, this Program is limited to a term of 1-year. After 6 months, patients must requalify and provide updated proof of need; those that may have temporary limitations or no longer qualify will be removed from the Program. Upon completion of your 1-year term, you may reapply for the Program after 6 months.

All personal, financial, and medical information obtained is considered confidential and will not be shared. It will be used strictly for the purpose of determining patients’ eligibility for the Compassionate Care Program.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

For questions regarding the Compassionate Care Program, contact the Program Manager by clicking here. Otherwise, you can ask the Front Desk or your Patient Care Specialist for more details on how to apply.


Main Phone#: (831) 393-2500